Intro Série Z is inspired by farcical Pulp magazines covers from the 30s to the 50s;
dramatic and fantastic, staging it's protagonists like they are real life heroes.
The low budget publications did not allow for original illustrations and
the publishers and editors in chief being unscrupulous, led to images being
overworked and over recycled, often leading to the most absurd paradox ( The same
woman being a tortured prisoner found herself being a sadomasochist queen the following
By using the same recycling criteria, the same characters from Serie Z
find themselves in other situations to tell different stories. The vivid colors meant
to attract the customer passing by the stand, and giving the feeling of hyper
reality are recreated through the medium of photography which
was not an option at the time, four-color process printing
being too expensive back then.
The fantasized image of a half naked desperate woman in a perilous situation at the hand
of the enemy and freed by a fearless man meant to appeal to the reader's
manhood who's identifying with the hero is used here, and
twisted to make the woman a true actor in the situation.

The Field From Outer Space and Dilemma have been created in collaboration with Cedric Moreau.
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