IntroPétanque Photos Tired of parachuting without a parachute from the top of the Eiffel tower?
Bored with skating on the Himalayan summits with your legs tied?
Fed up with driving a formula 1 blind-folded? Or free-diving 40m deep covered
with blood surrounded by sharks?
Are you eager to practice an extreme sport without having to risk your life anytime,
a sport that can be enjoyed with family and friends all year long, a sport where
alcool and narcotic consumption are highly recommended? if yes disciples, try this one.
Extreme pétanque doesn't convey through the spectacular scale of its visual impact,
but more through its intellectualization.
Far from being an easy activity, the relevance of the game begins when you start looking
for a playground. Once you have found it, you're going to have to be extremely cautious:
your goal is to score without affecting the integrity of the "ground" you're playing on.

This serious project was carried out with Mademoiselle Séverine Krouch,
doctor ès pétanque. Registered March 2011.
© Copyright Manywild and Séverine Krouch_2011
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